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La Cuchina!! @ Ramsaysburg Summer Concert Series

Saturday, July 20, 2024 - 4:00pm

Formed by tenor saxophonist Vinny Bianchi, La Cuchina!! consists of the most versatile musicians in the Poconos. La Cuchina!! continues to “make people want to dance to jazz again” by providing danceable, percussive beats with soaring and unrelenting instrumental improvisations.

Members of La Cuchina!! have played in the bands of Stevie Wonder, Tito Puente, Gato Barbieri, Whitney Houston, Joe Henderson, Ray Barreto, Frank Sinatra Jr. and the list goes on and on… La Cuchina!! consists of Vinny Bianchi on tenor saxophone, Bill Washer on guitar, Paul Rostock on electric bass, Danny Gonzalez on drums and percussion and Ruben Ariola on congas.

The concerts are presented by The Friends of Ramsaysburg, a dedicated group of volunteers and made possible with generous support from the Warren County Cultural and Heritage Division of the Department of Land Preservation, a partner of the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.

Thanks also to Blue Ridge Lumber for parking services, Humpty Junior's and WRNJ Radio for promotional courtesy. Sound production is by Mountain Ledge Music.