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Damn Good Chicken

Damn Good Chicken is just what the name says. From the chickens we use,to the care we take in preparing them, to the joy we take in seving them to you. Our goal  to make your whole experience with a a Damn Good one. You'll swear by it!

We prepare our chicken in the style of Cornell Chicken BBQ. This method, developed at Cornell University in the 1950s, involves marinating our chickens in a mix of vinegar, chicken fat, fresh herbs, and our secret spice blend. After 24 hours in the marinade, we grill our chickens over natural hardwood charcoal, continuously basting with the marinade to help develop an irresistibly moist and smoky chicken with extra crispy skin. If that doesn't sound Damn Good, we don't know what does!

Our philosophy is to hire Damn Good people to serve Damn Good food to Damn Good customers at a Damn Good price. We also believe that to have a great product,you need to start with great ingredients. We serve only healthy, antibiotic- and hormone-free chicken. We use local vendors in order to ensure the freshest products at the best price and to reduce our carbon footprint.