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Mysterious Pluto and Beyond at Brook Hollow Winery

Friday, April 12, 2019 - 7:00pm

Orbiting the Sun every two-hundred forty eight years and located approximately 4.7 billion miles from Earth is the mysterious world of Pluto. Since its discovery in 1930, many astronomers argued that this lonely outsider of the Solar System should not be regarded as a planet. Why was this tiny world downgraded to the status of a dwarf planet? Where did Pluto come from? What other mysterious worlds lie beyond Pluto? These are among the many questions that will be discussed in an informative and entertaining presentation by astronomer Gary Swangin. Professor Gary Swangin is the Planetarium Director and Astronomer of the Panther Planetarium in Paterson, and was formerly the director of the Newark Museum Planetarium in Newark, NJ for nearly sixteen years.

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