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United Astronomy Clubs of New Jersey Presents: Stellafane for Beginners

Saturday, July 25, 2020 - 8:00pm

United Astronomy Clubs of New Jersey (UACNJ) Observatory, located in Jenny Jump State Forest in Hope, NJ, continutes it public programs with "Stellafane for Beginners" hosted by Bill Murray. Stellafane is one of the oldest gatherings of telescope makers and amateur astronomers in the United States. Bill will present an overview of what Stellafane is like for those who haven’t been there and why it is special.

With UACNJ's 7 on-site telescopes you can see the rings of Saturn, 100s of Nebula, galaxies and star clusters that are hundreds, thousands and millions of light-years away from Earth. All you need to bring is your interest, curiosity and an open mind to be amazed at the sights in our night sky. The evening programs start at 8pm with a talk about an astronomical subject proceeded by an observing session, weather permitted.

Upcoming programs (schedule is subject to change):

August 1 – What’s Up in the August Sky? 
Lonny Buinis - Space artist, space animator, and author Lonny Buinis will take us star hopping around the August sky.  The Milky Way spans the entire sky from south to north, but our a chance to see star birthplaces and clusters and the location of an invisible black hole is a bit marred by the full moon.  Just look another night!  Hercules lies high, with a famous globular cluster.  Finally, Lonny will show us how to prepare for one of the best meteor showers of the year!