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Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm

Community Supported Agriculture gives an opportunity for a community of people to take responsibility for supporting a farm. It is a partnership between the farmers and the people who directly benefit from the food. These local people share the abundance as well as the risks and costs of cultivating the land in the most responsible manner. As members come onto the farm they can reconnect with the land, the food, the farmers and the seasons.

The farm started as a small CSA share program in 1988 and has grown to its current options that include over a hundred different vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers, seasonal or year round distribution, fields newly dedicated to grain (oats, barley, wheat and rye), and a thriving apprenticeship program. The CSG has always been a place of care for the earth and the eater. It serves to remind people of the origin of their food, that food comes from the land and that the manner in which the food is grown dramatically impacts the health of the earth. Food from the CSG is not about an end product on a shelf. It is the high quality, fresh, raw, unprocessed naturally grown vegetables, fruits and herbs harvested directly from the fields and consumed with few miles between field and dinner table. Members also have the occasion to get to know their neighbors in the distribution center, as well as the Fall Harvest Festival and Pot Luck, other community events, and right in the fields while picking their own flower bouquets, berries, hardy kiwis, and a few other pyro items.
Some of the options available to CSG members include seasonal or year round shares, weekly or biweekly pickups, on farm or satellite pickup locations. If you are considering making the switch to a healthier, more environmentally sensitive diet and lifestyle, call The Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm and learn more about us and our food. Sign up online, today.

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