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King's Gambit Coffee Co.

King’s Gambit Coffee Co. is a locally owned and operated Specialty Coffee Roaster & Café. We take great pride in roasting fresh Arabica beans from around the world in our very own roasting facility in Belvidere, New Jersey. Coffee bags, tea tins and home brew needs are available for purchase through our online store & shipped nationwide.

We offer quality products, coffee and teas alike that allow you to enjoy the pauses in your day, however short they may be. It’s important to continue to reward yourself for the hard work, dedication and the trajectory you are on to accomplish your wildest dreams.

Much like you, Kings Gambit Coffee Co. is on its own personal path to fulfill its wildest dreams. We are committed to learning and sharing the intricacies of the coffee world and passing them down to our consumers in exciting and cutting-edge ways at a very personal level. Everything we do in life each day, a small drop in the pond, influences itself and the things around it, like a ripple effect. If we can influence one person to be better, to do better, and experience better, we will change that person’s legacy for generations to come. It’s the power of one in a community of many. Life’s a grind… embrace it, reflect on it and reward it. We plan on being with you, every step of the way. Fueling you and your future.

Hours are:
Wednesday-Friday:  7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Saturday/Sunday: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Free delivery in the 07823 zip code - use code res07823 at check out.

Joe & Laura Kennedy, Owner

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