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Czig Meister Brewing Company sign with rainbow in background

Czig Meister Brewing Company

Czig Meister Brewery is a production craft brewery with an old-world style tasting room and a beautiful outdoor biergarten. Open Wednesday through Sunday, this brewery has a flavor for everyone.

Inside a piece of Hackettstown history, this family-owned craft brewery was founded on a passion for designing the perfect beer for every palate, we embrace inclusivity and cater to all tastes. From the novice who is seeking the right fit to the enthusiast with the most discriminating palate, Czig Meister brings people together because we believe that life’s most memorable moments are made with good company and great beer. Our brews break the mold because they tap into YOUR taste preferences. That’s why we aim to have the most diversified selection of craft beer so there’s something for you, your friends and your family to enjoy. We (really) have a beer for everybody. Come on in! We'll pour a pint of your favorite brew, or help you find something new. At Czig Meister, we tap into your taste so you can master your craft.

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