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  • Shappell Park - October 16, 11am- 5pm
  • Grains & Gears Bike Ride
  • Fri.-Sat.-Sun. Evenings through Oct. 30
  • Great Pumpkin Train - Weekends, Sept. 29-Oct. 28
Warren County Wanderings
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Latest Issue of Wanderings

Think of it as Kleenex is to tissues, Taylor Ham is to Pork Roll - from JerseyPorkRoll.com - courtesy of Dr. Google

If you suspect the photo above was NOT taken in Warren County, you are correct, and hope you can forgive us. Meet Slice, a mascot of the Trenton Thunder Minor League Baseball team, who will be attending Phillipsburg’s Pork Roll Palooza this Saturday! Let’s “roll” out the red carpet for this unique celebrity, shall we?

Slice aside, if attending a celebration in honor of processed meat is not at the top of your hit parade, never fear! This weekend features Blairstown’s Fall Festival with its eagerly anticipated Bed Race revival (plus two concerts at Roy’s Hall), kayaking at Rutherfurd Hall, a car show, the inaugural Grains & Gears bike ride, Centenary Stage Company’s annual Fringe Festival kickoff, ample opportunities for wine tasting, and more! Live music and fun fall farm activities can be found just about everywhere these days. You don’t have to venture far to find amusement and enrichment; it’s all right here.

Happy Wanderings!

Starting October 13, 2021