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5 East Art Gallery Opening: "Down To Basics"

Saturday, September 19, 2020 -
1:00pm to 6:00pm

Meet artist Elisabeth Jacobsen at her exhibition, DOWN TO BASICS, a series of de-collaged cardboard assemblages, during the Sept. 19 open house for the show that runs through Oct. 31.

Elisabeth lives and works in Annandale, NJ and New York, NY, and has a rich background of art education, working in the field of visual merchandising design, teaching at Fashion Institute of Technology, NY, international exhibitions and teaching, as well as national exhibitions. The range of Elisabeth’s formal training in sculpture, photography, and design is evident in her work. She manipulates common objects, discarded or found materials to convey her stories. Her earlier work was influenced by a Catholic upbringing, reflecting adoration and devotion to images both sacred and secular. It explored women’s issues, religion, gay concerns, and other themes pursuing the meaning of our bodies and loss.

Elisabeth’s most recent body of work, these cardboard de-collaged assemblages, is experimental concerning form in space. They explore materiality and object. Cardboard can be strong or fragile. Because it is familiar and accessible, readily found or inexpensively purchased, it offers an unexplored freedom to inspect, test, and discover. Physical deconstruction and reconstruction of the honeycomb cardboard gives vision to create unique structures. The inner complexity between the planar surfaces is juxtaposed against the banal and common appearance of the material.

Most of the material used in this exhibit was gathered from recycling or waste sites. Not only is cardboard a visible, physical matter, but it is renewable. When we recycle it, we better our environment. Elisabeth’s intention is to experience the modeling potential of cardboard and to shape new life from it. As the material is morphed, it informs her of a direction for it to grow.

Elisabeth Jacobsen is affiliated with Portico Gallery and Studios, Brentwood MD, and the Carter Burden Gallery in NYC. Elisabeth’s work has been shown throughout the US and is in several private collections. She has had solo exhibitions in New York City, Albany, NY, New Hampton NJ, and Brentwood, MD.

Enjoy meeting Elisabeth Jacobsen and spending time with other artists and art lovers while social distancing. The gallery can accommodate 10 people at a time, refreshments will be available in the outdoor dining area. Expand your horizons - please support Washington Arts! For more information, please call Kathy – (908) 689-6878.

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