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Canal Day at Historic Waterloo Village: Seamstress Shop

Saturday, September 9, 2017 -
10:00am to 4:00pm

This year the Canal Society of New Jersey offers a wide range of programming at Waterloo Village. At the seamstress shop Miss Sharon will demonstrate her skills in a 19th century setting using a vintage treadle sewing machine to recreate authentic period garments.

HIGHLANDS CANAL BOAT EXHIBIT: Our all new Highlands Canal Boat Exhibit features the recently discovered remains of what may be the last Morris Canal Boat.
SMITH’S CANAL STORE: At Smith’s Canal Store, historian Rick Giles gives visitors an idea of what shopping was like in the 1860.
HISTORIC TRADES & CRAFTS: Live Music, Jan/Jeff Aushfahl, Celtic Singers, will be playing traditional songs of Ireland and Scotland; woodworker Earle Post has set up a carpentry shop in the Peter D. Smith Carriage House where he will be building a full size canal boat rudder; miller Steve Lauf will be grinding grain and demonstrating the operation of a real water-powered gristmill.

Because Waterloo operates like a real 19th century village, our canal boat ride and water-powered gristmill may not be running at times of low water.

Waterloo Village will also be open to the public for other Heritage Days on the following Saturdays this fall:  Sept 23, Oct. 14 & 28

For further information, please contact Joe Macasek at 973-292-2755 or at