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DogDaze ROCKS to benefit Roy’s Hall

Saturday, May 18, 2019 - 8:00pm

The foundation of Dogdaze began in the mid '70s when a group of musicians, rooted in northern New Jersey, joined to form a band. Their shared interest in early rock and roll, along with current rock of the '70s, influenced the musical selections and style of Dogdaze.

Guitar based rock and blues music helped make the band a fixture on the club circuit throughout New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, busy and conflicting schedules, along with budding professional careers, took their toll on Dogdaze and eventually the band broke up. Although they went their separate ways, they all continued to play, either in other bands or in an occasional jam session. This helped each member to continue to hone their skills.

Nearly 30 years later, the band found them all together at a Halloween Party. After reminiscing about their earlier successes and performances, they agreed to rehearse and jam for old times’ sake. With their lives fairly settled and more time on their hands, one rehearsal led to another, and Dogdaze was officially reunited. In 2012, they played their first gig since reuniting, and there was no question the band was back. What had been current in their formative years had become truly classic rock in their golden years. Covering mostly music of 70’s fame, the band’s varied music library has something for everyone.

The years have gone by and the band finds themselves reliving their youth and performing for friends in the local bar scene all over again. As with many bands, there have been a couple of personnel changes, but the core of the band remains the same. The recent addition of keyboards has allowed the band to expand their set list.
For “That 70’s Rock Band” we give you Dogdaze 2.0

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