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Hunter Education at Pequest

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hunter Education at Pequest: Firearms at 9am; Turkey Hunting Seminar and Calling Clinic at 1pm on Saturday, March 11.

Hunter Education: Firearms. Get ready for hunting by taking a hunter education class at the hatchery. Participants must have the completed homework or paid voucher and be registered. Registration is via the license website at Licenses will be available at the front desk for students completing the course. Youth hunting licenses are free!

Turkey Hunting Seminar and Calling Clinic. This is a great opportunity for participants of all ages and skill levels to learn about turkey hunting and the latest turkey hunting techniques. The program will be conducted by former DFW biologist and retired regional biologist for the National Wild Turkey Federation Bob Eriksen, an avid turkey hunter. Bob will cover the agency's Wild Turkey Restoration Project, the life history of the state's largest and smartest game bird, and share some excellent tips for beginners and experienced turkey hunters. There will be a calling clinic conducted by members of the NJ Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation at 2:30 p.m. immediately following the seminar. The clinic is oriented for youngsters aged 10 to 18 but is open to all individuals. Chapter members will demonstrate the use of box, slate, and air operated turkey calls.