Midsummer Rejuvenation at Orchard View Lavender Farm | Explore Warren


Midsummer Rejuvenation at Orchard View Lavender Farm

Sunday, June 23, 2019 -
10:00am to 4:30pm

The summer sun brings inner power, joy and abundance, brightening our lives with its sunlight. The energy of the sun inspires us to express ourselves fully, to walk in alignment and harmony. Finding the time to simply breathe becomes challenging and is the root cause for stress, anxiety, foggy thinking, and poor decisions as we move throughout our day into sleepless nights. The effects of healing are doubled while you continue to absorb the healing vibrant light of the sun surrounded by natural elements under the pergola of the Lavender farm’s Tranquility Garden. Transformation will effortlessly unfold. Feed your soul with a half hour Foot, Hand & Face Reflexology or a half hour Ayurvedic Head Massage with background Zen music, steam towels and organic Ayurvedic oils used on reflex and marma points. These ancient therapies have been proved to unblock the flow of vital energies just by stimulating the nervous system which in turn helps to release tension and sluggishness.

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