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Naked Jake (St. Patrick's Day Jam!) at Rock Creek

Friday, March 17, 2017 - 8:00pm

Rock Creek Tavern welcomes the Easton-area cover band, Naked Jake, on March 17.

Members: Jake Kish (vocals); Guy Burgstresser (drums); Alex Neff (guitar); Mike Perfetti (bass)

Influences: "That's the beauty of our band, we play just about everything. We'll be playing Beatles one minute and then turn around and play Bon Jovi the next."

"We're all rock 'n' roll kids. We all grew up in the '80s listening to big hair bands and punk. Nothing is really off limits, whatever the crowd wants to hear that's what we play," he adds.

Sounds like: The group adds its own high-energy twist to its catalog of rock, pop and country covers.

"It's other people's songs but with our sound," Kish says.

Set list: The band juggles a variety of covers in its set -- including Guns 'N Roses, Garth Brooks and Def Leppard. But the Kish says the band has an affliction for anything and everything '80s.