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NJ Ghost Hunters Society Meeting and a Renowned Psychic

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 -
7:00pm to 8:30pm

Karl Petry is a psychic medium who has an unusual ability for retrocognition, seeing into the past, and also communicating with the dead. Karl Petry was born with an unusual ability to see and communicate with the dead, see into the past, and touch the troubled hearts of the living. Throughout his life, he has helped people reconnect with loved ones who have passed and resolve their grief. He has also given a voice to the dead who wish to be heard and who have urgent messages and stories to tell. He is the "Absent Witness." In his own words, Karl tells the story of his amazing gift, from shocking experiences in childhood to deeply moving experiences in today's times. He has worked with renowned psychics and paranormal researchers, including remote viewer Ingo Swann and New York City psychic Paula Roberts. Karl shares some of his most interesting cases, such as the soul-eating house, the victims of 9-11, the dead who do not want to be forgotten, and lost souls in a mass pauper's grave. Some of his true stories are amazing, some are heart-warming, and some are funny-and all of them will keep you from beginning to end.

Free and open to the public. Please call 732-485-7162 for more information.