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Washington Borough’s Second Saturdays Art Walk

Saturday, June 9, 2018 -
4:00pm to 7:00pm

Washington Borough’s Second Saturdays Art Walk at 5 East Art Gallery and M Galleries. 5 East Art Gallery’s featured artist is Student Artist Michaela Correll, a graduating Visual Art student from Centenary University. Michaela has been drawing and creating throughout her life and finds joy in media such as oil paints, inks, and found object sculpture. She has a strong focus on the Pop Art movement but also loves to dabble in surrealism and abstract art.

Please join M Galleries for Clay Dance Gestalt – A Meditation 6/1-6/30. A collaboration with Reiko Kita Bernstein. Reiko applies the classical Japanese nihonga technique, paper on wooden board, in a timeless way. An object, its form or design we create is commonly defined by a limited set of finite points of reference. By nature, these objects are measurable, quantifiable and subject to requirements of technical/functional usefulness, purpose, taste, reason and intent. Gestalt is not. Instead it reaches far beyond and is indeed infinite in its multiplicity of reference points. Gestalt follows the flow of materials and expresses their unique inherited properties. Certain variations recur naturally, but only to be abandoned in the process of change for the other, the novel. Gestalt embraces trial and error, chaos and harmony, the spiritual and the mundane alike, continuously creating an ever so playful multitude of manifestations. Gestalt defies definition to the point of its own disintegration, struggling or effortless in its never-ending quest for change.

Come and enjoy meeting the artists and spending time with other art lovers. Expand your horizons and support Washington Arts!  For more information, please call Kathy at 908- 689-6878.

5 East Art Gallery is located at 5E Washington Ave. and M Galleries is loacated at 67E Washington Ave.