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Centenary Oedipus Rex: Gates Ferry Series: What is Truth?

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 7:30pm

Come listen to a staged reading led by guest artists Randall Duk Kim and Anne Occhiogrosso. "Truth un-avoided." Oedipus will try to escape his predicted fate only to collide with the dire consequences of doing so. This is a free event. Reserve your spot today.

About Gates Ferry Lecture Series: What is Truth?: Led by guest lecturer's Randall Duk Kim and Anne Occhiogrosso featuring three readings, one production, classes and workshops built around classic texts. In this time of "Fake News" and "Alternative Truths" and convenient omission of the facts we are forced to ask "What is Truth? And does it really matter?". Both these questions have served as the core inquiry of our greatest playwrights over the last two thousand years. The theatre allows us to see man's encounter with this mightiest and perplexing concept. We can see how they encounter it, try to escape it, hide from it, expose it and deny it, how it affects their lives and the consequences endured through its encounter. Does the truth matter, we think it does.

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