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Signing Treaty of Renewed Friendship & Potluck Dinner at Ramsaysburg

Saturday, August 11, 2018 - 5:00pm

Knowlton Township Historic Commission is honored to have the Lenape Nation of  Pennsylvania include Ramsaysburg Historic Homestead as a location of the Rising Nation River Journey for a ceremonial signing of the Treaty of  Renewed Friendship. The Lenape Nation members will sign a treaty with Knowlton Township Historic Commission in honor of the spiritual and physical wellbeing of the Delaware River. In addition, the ceremony will include a gift of a recovered Sacred Lenape Tobacco seed which will be passed from Rising Nation and presented by Sister Miriam MacGillis. This stop at Ramsaysburg Historic Homestead is one of nine treaty signings being organized by Rising Nation along the Delaware River in 2018.  The journey and treating signing happens once every four years.
The treaty signing at Ramsaysburg will be attended by Genesis Farm, Musconetcong Restoration Project and other area partners. See for images of prior sojourns.

Potluck Dinner after the ceremony: Attendees from the community are invited to bring a covered dish to share. Utensils, plates and a beverage will be provided.  Picnic tables are available.