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Tell Your Heritage Story for #AmericanPatchworkProject

In anticipation of the performance by American Patchwork Quartet, the APQ and Centenary Stage Company are partnering together to collect heritage stories for the #AmericanPatchworkProject. There are no requirements as to what a heritage story is in order for it to be submitted. The story can be anything; an immigration story or that of parents / grandparents, a simple tracing of ancestral roots, a specific moment, experience, or story passed down or perhaps even a continued tradition that is part of an inherited sense of family identity. These stories will be collected now through January 21, 2022 and shared across Centenary Stage Company’s social media platforms as part of the #AmericanPatchworkProject. This project culminates with A Conversation with American Patchwork Quartet on January 22 at 3pm where American Patchwork Quartet will share about their own heritage, their music, and their mission, and then perform in concert at 8pm. Learn more about the project.

Centenary Stage Company

Centenary Stage Company is a performing arts center located on the campus of Centenary University. Year-round events include Professinal Theater Series, music events, dance events, a Women Playwrights Series, Young Performers Workshop, an annual holiday spectatular, and more!

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January Thaw Music Festival Continues: American Patchwork Quartet

Saturday, January 22, 2022 - 8:00pm

Centenary Stage Company January Thaw Music Festival continues with NYC-based American Patchwork Quartet (APQ), which is on a mission to reclaim the immigrant soul of American Roots Music by drawing on a repertoire of centuries-old American folk songs that highlight America's immigrant roots. It showcases America's dynamic present by combining the diverse talent of four US citizens, each with a unique cultural background. In this quartet, old songs are made new through creative arrangements that highlight the exceptional and well-honed skills of each band member. Prior to the show, you can participate in A Conversation with American Patchwork Quartet at 3 p.m. where  the quartet's members will share about their own heritage, their music, and their mission; sign up for the free discussion and get $10 off your concert ticket that night!